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SC Welde Cernavoda has as its main activity in the production of poplar veneer. Poplar veneer is generally used in the manufacture of raw plywood or laminated, or in panel production.

A secondary production activity is the production of elements for storing boxes of fruit and vegetables.

From production activities also rezults secundary products: Rest rollers, poplar wood chips, firewood.


2003 - Lessoplast company is founded by Welde Group takeover of Austria, the assets of the sawmill in Cernavoda.

2004 - The veneer production line is finished .

2005 - The investment in veneer drying line with central heating is completed.

2008 - The production of wooden crates elements has started. The prime material is poplar.

2015 - The investment in a new plant within the same perimeter longitudinal veneer of society in Cernavoda is completed.

Raw material acquisition is done only in Romania, but delivery of our products goes mainly to the EU.

2018 - Lessoplast has changed its name to Welde.

first photo about us